College Street Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacement

The College Street Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacement project aims to reduce the number of sanitary sewer overflows. These overflows are a result of aging infrastructure that is subject to inflow (the direct entry of water into the sewer system from improper connections) and infiltration (the leaking of groundwater into the sewer system) during wet weather events. The project consists of pipe and manhole replacement, pipe lining and pipe bursting. This project is phased to allow for additional study following implementation of some improvements to determine where additional improvements are needed.

The Town has already completed some point repairs that were identified in a previous study of the College Street Basin.

Phase I work areas include segments from the main sewer interceptor to the Skate Park and from the Depot Street/North Franklin Street intersection to Hickok Street. Future work includes areas around Depot Street to Radford Street and segments along First Street, Phlegar Street, and College Street.

The first phase will consist of pipe diameters - from 8 inches to 18 inches - using various installation methods, such as pipe bursting and open cut. The project also includes bores under Mill Lane and the Norfolk Southern Railroad as well as two creek crossings.

Future phases are planned to address other areas of concern upstream Hickok Street.

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